About Karen McCamy


Karen McCamyI’m Karen McCamy…

I help freelancers and small businesses leverage today’s technology to grow their businesses and become more successful. People work and learn in many different ways, so I work as a consultant, a coach and… for DIY-ers, through detailed, easy-to-understand tutorials.

I’ve been “in computers” since the early 80’s and have worked as freelancer for over 20 years. I’ve taught college classes in how to use software to become more productive. Nothing is more satisfying than “seeing the light come on” when students “get it!” I’m just as passionate about all the benefits of “using the web” in the 21st century, and I understand the nuances of doing it “right.”

In the “corporate world,” I mastered new computer systems when my employer “went to computers.” During this exciting project, I trained both management and staff (over 200 people) throughout the entire conversion process (6-12 months), frequently re-designing existing training materials — on demand — to address local requirements. My co-workers often called on me — “unofficially” — to show them how to complete both routine and non-routine computer tasks.

I was one of 5 original staff members in a newly-formed Information Technology department at a local college, where I consulted with Deans and VP’s to assess departmental needs for a campus-wide overhaul of “ancient” equipment. I also helped establish and served on the campus “Help Desk” where I frequently solved complicated software questions right on the phone.

Over 30+ years, I have designed, written and published many “Newsletters” — covering everything from non-profit and volunteer organizations to modern web email marketing. My “publishing” experience dates from the old days of realcut-and-paste” to the modern email version —  during which time I’ve seen marketing strategies come and go. I currently publish 3 of my own newsletters.

As a freelancer, I understand both the demands and unique challenges facing business people in today’s volatile economy. These challenges, along with my unique combination of corporate and freelance experience have contributed to my ability to solve complex business problems and distill them into easy-to-digest articles and tutorials.

Here, you’ll find articles touching every aspect of business you can imagine…and some you might not have even considered! To get an idea of the breadth of business information available here, browse through the Articles.

If you’d like to see an article or tutorial not presently covered here, please let me know!

 Current WordPress Classes for Beginners!

WordPress 101 Los Angeles Meetup LogoI’m teaching WordPress 101, in a Meetup group just for those new to WordPress. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, check us out here. It’s FREE! The class is a 6-session series that repeats quarterly. We cover lots more than “just” WordPress in this group, including Content, website marketing, and website planning.


 Build Your Own WP Website!

WP101 Class at Girl-Develop-It LinkI’m also teaching Introduction to WordPress through the newly formed Los Angeles Chapter of the national non-profit, Girl-Develop-It! In this 4-week intensive, you’ll build a basic WordPress website from scratch! Plenty of “hands-on” practice, and weekly “exercises” to reinforce your new skills, along with a weekly review to answer your questions!

I’d love to meet you in person at one or both of these classes!

Thanks for joining me!