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  • Keyboard indicating Privacy Policy

    How to Write Your “Privacy Policy”

    Articles in this Series: Introduction Privacy Policy (this article) About Page Contact Page Disclosure Page FAQ Subscribe Page Special Purpose Pages (landing pages, squeeze pages, etc.) HOME Page What Is a Privacy Policy? A web site’s Privacy Policy is a document that explains clearly to …

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  • metal gears wordpress

    WordPress Plugin “Best Practices”

    Pondering Plugins? You’re not alone! Plugins explained and demystified here! Plus, learn about Plugin Best Practices” and more…

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  • SLOW painted on single lane road

    How Does Your Site Speed Rank? What You Need to Know!

    Site speed is often forgotten — or worse, ignored — as a search engine ranking factor. Learn how to optimize your site for speed: probable causes, how to diagnose, and most importantly how to fix site speed problems. New site? Learn how to to benchmark your site speed now, for aiding in future troubleshooting when your site doubles or triples in content!

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  • Confused Person with Red Question Marksn

    How to Create a Custom Taxonomy

    How to Create a Custom Taxonomy: It’s All About the UX! “User Experience” — that’s the whole point of WordPress Categories & Tags! Categories & tags help organize your content for your website visitor, so it pays (YOU) to spend some time on planning your organizational …

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  • Antique Books on table with Candle

    WordPress Basics: Posts, Pages, Plugins & More!

    WordPress Lexicon…Anyone? Is it just semantics, or do these different WordPress terms actually mean different things? What’s a ‘Post’? Aren’t They All Pages? If you’re new to WordPress and trying to make sense out of “introductory” tutorials, you’ve probably discovered there are a few new …

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  • Stockfresh 3997594 Content Wordcloud Concept SizeXS E1394137698294

    Web Site Content 101: Creating Content Google Will Love!

    So What IS the BIG DEAL About Web Site Content? We’ve all heard it” Content is KING!” But…what does that really mean?… And, more importantly…WHY? Overwhelming for Beginners…and Veterans Alike! Trying to plan your web site content can be intimidating…if you don’t have a plan …

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  • html and css code on a page

    Why You NEED to Know Some HTML & CSS!

    Coding is Scary!!! I agree! Coding is not for everyone, but if you are a freelancer or SMB & you are DIYing your WordPress site, you need to know some HTML & CSS basics! Compare this to driving a car, or using a computer: you …

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  • Image of lots of web sites

    WordPress Themes 101

    Themes are an integral part of every WordPress installation, but continue to be an enigma to beginners. This tutorial demystifies themes and shows you how to evaluate themes.

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  • Google Search with Magnifying Glass

    Understanding How Google & Search Impact Your Site Traffic

    What Do You Really Need to Know about Search? Your web site traffic is directly related to how search works. This sounds fairly straightforward, however there are many factors affecting this process…

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  • Red question mark in the spotlight

    How Will ‘Hummingbird’ Impact SEO?

    What Do You Do When Google Changes the Rules…Again? How will the new “Hummingbird” search algorithm impact your web site traffic? See what I discovered in my own research…

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  • Windows Hd Ice

    When (Not) to Upgrade Windows!

    Do you know the warning signs that it’s time to upgrade your OS? (Not to worry…neither did these two writers!) Whose tech advice are YOU following?

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  • Stockfresh 292511 Books SizeS E1372557143959

    HELP! My Manual is Missing!

    Are you looking for the Missing Instructional Manual for starting & running your own business? Here’s how to find…

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