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  • dot-com with green globe

    What’s in a (Domain) Name?

    Your Domain Name is Your “Internet Calling Card” As is the case with 90% of everything related to your web site’s planning & design, this is an iterative process. In other words, you start somewhere, generate some ideas, analyze & assess (try on for size …

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  • Website Plan

    What’s the Most Important Web Site Component?

    Message… Design… Content??? I’ll bet you’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of web sites… or at least web pages… How many times have you visited a web site and said “This is great!… It’s just what I was looking for!¬†And… it’s so easy to find …

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  • Google Search with Magnifying Glass

    Understanding How Google & Search Impact Your Site Traffic

    What Do You Really Need to Know about Search? Your web site traffic is directly related to how search works. This sounds fairly straightforward, however there are many factors affecting this process…

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