DIY Your Own Content Marketing

Content Marketing - Your DIY Guide

DIY Your Own Content Marketing

“Content is King”Content is King!

We have all heard that we need to continuously produce great content…Google demands it!

I’ve also written about why great content will drive more targeted traffic to your website.

Another “buzz” going around “website content” these days is Content Marketing!

There are also a lot of questions & myths floating around out there…and LOTS of companies hard-selling for your dollars…to convince you to pay them to “do it for you!”

As freelancers and micro-SMBs, with limited resources and a defiant DIY attitude, I think we can all learn to DIY our own Content Marketing.

In the following presentation, I discuss how to get started in Content Marketing.

As part of this WP101 course, Session #3 of 6, I also discuss WordPress Plugins.

Download (PPTX, 2.07MB)

Here are  some Content Marketing Resources, to get you started on your own CM research:


What Content Marketing Questions Do You Have?

  • What is your biggest CM challenge?
  • Do you have any CM resources that are especially helpful?
  • What is your toughest Content creation challenge?
    • Is it finding a niche?
    • Is it identifying your audience?
    • Is it figuring out how to integrate the 3 elements?
    • Is it finding the time to create the content?

Share them in the Comments section below!

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