How to Create a Custom Taxonomy

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How to Create a Custom Taxonomy

How to Create a Custom Taxonomy:

It’s All About the UX!

“User Experience” — that’s the whole point of WordPress Categories & Tags!

Categories & tags help organize your content for your website visitor, so it pays (YOU) to spend some time on planning your organizational structure, while you’re planning your site.

Content is King! But… Do you know WHY???

Content is King!

You obviously want to make all of your content easy to find for your site visitor, not just the content they are currently viewing or something featured in a sidebar.

You’ve heard this proclamation before, no doubt!

But…do you really know WHY?

  • What’s the real infrastructure connection between getting “traffic” to your website & “CONTENT?”
  • Do you want all traffic…or specific traffic? In other words: quantity or quality?
  • Should you specialize…or be a generalist?

TIP: Keep reading to find out!

What’s a Taxonomy anyway?

The concept of a web site “taxonomy” is often an area of confusion for those new to WordPress. You may be wondering:

  1. What’s a Category?
  2. What’s a Tag?
  3. What’s the difference between categories and tags?
  4. How do I know whether to make a category or a tag?
  5. How do I start planning my categories & tags?
  6. How do I create categories & tags?
  7. Once created, how do I USE them?
  8. How do I build WordPress Menus?

In the following presentation, I answer all these questions about Content, Traffic, Planning and designing a meaningful website taxonomy in your WordPress website …and more!

What are your biggest challenges in using Categories & Tags, or creating a custom taxonomy? Share them in the Feedback section below!



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