How to Keep Your Website Content Focused

How to Keep Your content Focused

How to Keep Your Website Content Focused

How to Keep Your Website / Blog Content Focused

If you’ve been publishing content on your website or blog for a while, you may have had a tendency to stray from your initial “Content Plan.”

(You DO have a Content Plan, don’t you?)

As your website (or blog) grows, there is a natural tendency to begin to veer away from the initial plan, even if that plan is just a “mental blueprint.” But, it’s important to keep your content focused for your niche and your readers, in order to keep them returning.

Your initial blueprint sets the tone for your website content, but it’s always good practice to review your current content – planned or published – to make sure you’re still on track. A periodic review can quickly tell you if you are straying too far away from the initial focus of your niche.

If you are frequent reader of this site, you know I’m a big proponent of planning. It’s just the logical approach:

You can't know how to get where you're going without a roadmap!

So, how DO you keep your web content focused and on track?

A great way to complement your content plan is by creating a simple website Mission Statement

My Own Plan Omission!

In spite of my own emphasis on planning, it honestly never occurred to me to create a Mission Statement for website content. I mean, I have an internal Mission Statement for my (WordPress training/coaching) business, but it never occurred to me to do the same type of document specifically for my website content…

Then, I came across the following step-by-step article to do just that! The logic was unmistakeable (and I immediately set out to create one for my own website).

What I Discovered

My initial thought was that it might be redundant… I even made a personal note (in Evernote, when I was archiving the following article by Julie Niedlinger) that “…they were probably the same.” What I meant was that my business Mission Statement & my website Mission Statement would be fairly “identical.”

What Really Happened?

They were similar…of course. Having (and more importantly writing) a website Mission Statement really crystallized content-specific goals and strategies that my business Mission Statement did not address!

My website Mission Statement really crystallized content-specific goals & strategies that my… Click To Tweet

While it’s extremely valuable to have a Mission Statement for your web content, doing this is really a double-win: there’s even more value in the writing (and all of the associated thought and research) of it!

It’s well worth the investment! And…if you’re worried about the time it will take…Relax! It took me 30-45 minutes total. Of course, it could take you longer, but it’s definitely something you can finish in an hour…

So, how do you actually DO it? Julie steps you through the process!

Read the original article by Julie Niedlinger on the Co-Schedule Blog…

Do You Have a Mission Statement for your website?

If so, has it helped you stay focused? If not, do you plan to create a Mission Statement, like Julie suggests? Leave a comment in the the Feedback section below…

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