Here you'll find articles describing what we call "A Better Model" for freelancers / solopreneurs. It's a better model ...in the approach to freelance ... of web site design, leveraging the power of Wordpress...to connecting with your potential customers...for getting your message OUT THERE!

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How Does Your Site Speed Rank? What You Need to Know!

Site speed is often forgotten — or worse, ignored — as a search engine ranking factor. Learn how to optimize your site for speed: probable causes, how to diagnose, and most importantly how to fix site speed problems. New site? Learn how to to benchmark your site speed now, for aiding in future troubleshooting when your site doubles or triples in content!

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Web Site Content 101: Creating Content Google Will Love!

So What IS the BIG DEAL About Web Site Content? We’ve all heard it” Content is KING!” But…what does that …

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Understanding How Google & Search Impact Your Site Traffic

What Do You Really Need to Know about Search? Your web site traffic is directly related to how search works. This sounds fairly straightforward, however there are many factors affecting this process…

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How Will ‘Hummingbird’ Impact SEO?

What Do You Do When Google Changes the Rules…Again? How will the new “Hummingbird” search algorithm impact your web site traffic? See what I discovered in my own research…

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Searching for Secrets

Passive-Income WebSites: Real or Fake?

Thinking about starting a “Passive-Income” web site? Learn why they are anything but “passive” and what you MUST know before starting…

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