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  • First Steps to Learning WordPress

    WordPress 101: Introduction

    Introducing WordPress 101 …a tutorial for Beginners! Do you need a website? Are you new to WordPress? This is the perfect place to start! WordPress has been described as being “easy”…and it IS! But, easy is relative, and for absolute beginners, knowing exactly where to …

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  • Keyboard indicating Privacy Policy

    How to Write Your “Privacy Policy”

    Articles in this Series: Introduction Privacy Policy (this article) About Page Contact Page Disclosure Page FAQ Subscribe Page Special Purpose Pages (landing pages, squeeze pages, etc.) HOME Page What Is a Privacy Policy? A web site’s Privacy Policy is a document that explains clearly to …

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  • html and css code on a page

    Why You NEED to Know Some HTML & CSS!

    Coding is Scary!!! I agree! Coding is not for everyone, but if you are a freelancer or SMB & you are DIYing your WordPress site, you need to know some HTML & CSS basics! Compare this to driving a car, or using a computer: you …

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  • "Planning" on global map

    Planning 101

    “If you fail to plan…you plan to fail! This “101” article guides you through every crucial planning phase to get your web site live!

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  • Google Search with Magnifying Glass

    Understanding How Google & Search Impact Your Site Traffic

    What Do You Really Need to Know about Search? Your web site traffic is directly related to how search works. This sounds fairly straightforward, however there are many factors affecting this process…

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  • Searching for Secrets

    Passive-Income WebSites: Real or Fake?

    Thinking about starting a “Passive-Income” web site? Learn why they are anything but “passive” and what you MUST know before starting…

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  • Stockfresh 2125626 Internet Faq SizeXS

    Anatomy of a Web Site: The Key Components You MUST Have!

    Before you design ( or re-design) your web site, make sure you KNOW what pages you MUST have to comply with Google & keep your readers happy, engaged, and coming back for more.

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  • Domain Name with Locks

    Who Owns YOUR Domain Name?

    Do YOU own your domain name? Why it’s very possible you DON’T… and what you can do about it!

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  • Speeding by...

    Rushing to Launch?

    Are YOU rushing to get your web site up? Excitement takes over, and you just can’t wait to get online…Why this could be a really BAD…

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