How-to Articles & 'the Basics' - "101" articles designed for 'beginners' or if you are new to particular subject - covering a wide range of topics. Watch for these important topics: planning, creating content, marketing, SEO, e-zines, and more...

How to Keep Your content Focused

How to Keep Your Website Content Focused

How to Keep Your Website / Blog Content Focused If you’ve been publishing content on your website or blog for a while, …

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Content Curation: A Beginner's Guide

WordPress 101: Content Curation

Content Curation Another strategy to keep Google happy & keep yourself sane is to curate content from other highly-credible and …

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Content Marketing - Your DIY Guide

DIY Your Own Content Marketing

“Content is King” We have all heard that we need to continuously produce great content…Google demands it! I’ve also written …

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First Steps to Learning WordPress

WordPress 101: Introduction

Introducing WordPress 101 …a tutorial for Beginners! Do you need a website? Are you new to WordPress? This is the …

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Keyboard indicating Privacy Policy

How to Write Your “Privacy Policy”

Articles in this Series: Introduction Privacy Policy (this article) About Page Contact Page Disclosure Page FAQ Subscribe Page Special Purpose …

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metal gears wordpress

WordPress Plugin “Best Practices”

Pondering Plugins? You’re not alone! Plugins explained and demystified here! Plus, learn about Plugin Best Practices” and more…

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SLOW painted on single lane road

How Does Your Site Speed Rank? What You Need to Know!

Site speed is often forgotten — or worse, ignored — as a search engine ranking factor. Learn how to optimize your site for speed: probable causes, how to diagnose, and most importantly how to fix site speed problems. New site? Learn how to to benchmark your site speed now, for aiding in future troubleshooting when your site doubles or triples in content!

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Confused Person with Red Question Marksn

How to Create a Custom Taxonomy

How to Create a Custom Taxonomy: It’s All About the UX! “User Experience” — that’s the whole point of WordPress Categories …

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