How-to Articles & 'the Basics' - "101" articles designed for 'beginners' or if you are new to particular subject - covering a wide range of topics. Watch for these important topics: planning, creating content, marketing, SEO, e-zines, and more...

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WordPress Basics: Posts, Pages, Plugins & More!

WordPress Lexicon…Anyone? Is it just semantics, or do these different WordPress terms actually mean different things? What’s a ‘Post’? Aren’t …

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Web Site Content 101: Creating Content Google Will Love!

So What IS the BIG DEAL About Web Site Content? We’ve all heard it” Content is KING!” But…what does that …

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Why You NEED to Know Some HTML & CSS!

Coding is Scary!!! I agree! Coding is not for everyone, but if you are a freelancer or SMB & you …

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WordPress Themes 101

Themes are an integral part of every WordPress installation, but continue to be an enigma to beginners. This tutorial demystifies themes and shows you how to evaluate themes.

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What’s in a (Domain) Name?

Your Domain Name is Your “Internet Calling Card” As is the case with 90% of everything related to your web …

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Website Plan

What’s the Most Important Web Site Component?

Message… Design… Content??? I’ll bet you’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of web sites… or at least web pages… How …

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Searching for Secrets

Passive-Income WebSites: Real or Fake?

Thinking about starting a “Passive-Income” web site? Learn why they are anything but “passive” and what you MUST know before starting…

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Anatomy of a Web Site: The Key Components You MUST Have!

Before you design ( or re-design) your web site, make sure you KNOW what pages you MUST have to comply with Google & keep your readers happy, engaged, and coming back for more.

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