Why You NEED to Know Some HTML & CSS!

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Why You NEED to Know Some HTML & CSS!

Coding is Scary!!!

I agree! Coding is not for everyone, but if you are a freelancer or SMB & you are DIYing your WordPress site, you need to know some HTML & CSS basics!Just the word “coding” can make the most seasoned web site owner tremble…

Compare this to driving a car, or using a computer: you need to know something about cars or computers, just to know how to evaluate properly should (when?) a problem arises…

  • Is it the alternator or the battery?
  • Did my hard drive crash or do I have a virus?

“Coding” Can Be Intimidating!

Just the word “coding” can make the most seasoned web site owner tremble…but I’m here to explain some of the basics to try to allay some of those fears.

If you can relate all too well, you probably have quite a few questions:

  1. What is HTML?
  2. Why do I need it?
  3. What is CSS & how is it related to HTML?
  4. HTML-&- CSS” seems to be a single entity? How are they different?
  5. Can I have HTML without CSS?
  6. Why do I need both?

I address all these questions and more. This is a very basic introduction…just for Beginners. I answer the most common questions beginners have, and also have some “tips” for modifying your own CSS, plus discuss when it might make more sense to outsource that task, and also provide steps for working with your theme’s technical support staff¬†¬†in the following presentation.


Modifying your theme’s CSS is directly related to your specific theme. For an introduction to WordPress Themes, check out this article and slides.

What are your biggest HTML & CSS challenges? Let me know in the Feedback section below!



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