WordPress Themes 101

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WordPress Themes 101

Themes Are Integral to WordPress!

Themes are an integral part of WordPress: you MUST have at least one theme installed & activated in order for WordPress to function.…nothing seems to generate more confusion for beginners than themes.

Confusion for Beginners

But, nothing seems to generate more confusion for beginners than themes.

If you are learning your way around or are new to WordPress, you probably have questions like these:

  1. Why Themes?
  2. What IS a theme?
  3. PAID vs. Free Themes: Why Pay?
  4. How do you know a “good” theme when you see one?
  5. How do I learn to use & customize my theme?”
  6. How do I find themes?

I answer these questions and more…plus discuss Theme “Best Practices.”

The following presentation answers the most common theme questions and explores best practices for themes, designed just for beginners:


What are your biggest theme challenges? Let me know in the Feedback section below.

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